3 Pre-Holiday Tactics for Growing A Business

Ahhh the holidays. Probably the slowest months for most businesses.  Of course except for those that thrive on the season like the ones in retail or or the ones selling Christmas decors. We’ve already seen crazy Black Friday videos from the U.S.. Retail is definitely having a grand time. But for the rest of the service oriented B2B businesses, it couldn’t be much slower. Even worst in Australia where businesses start holiday vibes as early as the Melbourne Cup (November 1). That makes selling services difficult for the remainder of the year.

Just because people are getting in the holiday spirit, doesn’t mean you have to slow down too. It just means you have to take action differently to continue business growth. Here are 3 Pre-Holiday tactics you can use to make sure you grow even in the slow months.

business growth
Andrew McWhirter calling leads and prospecting for January


1.) Prospect for January

November – December are, if not the most difficult time to be on the phones trying to sell B2B services. Let’s face it. Corporate money is usually reserved for bonuses, holiday events etc.. They’re just not on a buying state of mind and rightly so. So what do you do? Don’t fight it. Accept that the every person you call just isn’t buying. Do you stop calling your leads? NO! Instead, burn the phone lines, call those leads, be genuinely friendly, wish them well for the holidays and schedule for a January appointment when they get back. Come January, they’ll be back in buying mode again and you’ll have a number of sales to close.

Tip: Try testing the waters. Who knows they would actually buy but don’t be too pushy. The second you feel resistance, go back to setting appointments for next year.

business growth
Rana Saini and Andrew McWhirter at a client get together for The Influencer Project


2.) Touch base with Existing Customers

If you don’t constantly keep in touch with clients (which is fatal by the way) now is the time. Call them. Say hi. Ask them about how things are going. See if they have questions about your services. Keep them updated with data and strategies that are working. Let them know that it wasn’t a one time transactional selling with you and you really care about their business. And if you do nurture your client relationships at a constant rate, take it to a whole new level. Arrange a client get together to share more strategies, best practices and give them a chance to meet the who’s who of their industries. Perhaps they can help each other out too. Ultimately leaving a positive experience and creating an atmosphere of growth for everyone involved.

business growth
Always plan ahead


3.) Plan New Campaigns

Planning takes man hours. You will have ample time during these pre-holiday days. Use that to plan new campaigns. Even before the year ends, we at Evolve Digital Agency are already planning out 2017 for The Influencer Project so we already know which direction we’re going. A new book, a mobile CRM app to manage leads and a new product. You could say we have big plans and big plans require attention up to the minutest detail. We’re making the best out of November and December to iron things out so it becomes clear on what we have to do next to carry out these campaigns.

All 3 combined ensures that you maximise the slowest months for business and you remain committed to growth. It doesn’t mean we won’t be taking our holidays, it just means we’re using the days leading up to the holidays strategically. Share this to anyone who you think could use these tactics.