4 Creative Ways to Involve Your Social Media Followers

Posting great content on your social media is a good way to attract your followers to read your post. But there are more creative ways to actually involve them and get more engagement.




With the sheer number of digital noise on the internet, it’s difficult to get a substantial number of followers and involve them in your social media. We have four creative and fun ways to step up the engagement approach for you:


Give Your Fans the Spotlight

People just want to get their names out there. Include your follower’s name with mentions, retweets, and share their posts too. You can ask your followers to submit content with that catchy hashtag that you often use. This is great engagement because you gain access to user generated content which you can use for your ad campaigns, social pages and website.

Spark Competition with Contests

Everybody loves a good competition. Ask for your followers to submit videos, a photos, or articles. Any media that’s relevant to your brand is worth sharing. Offer prizes for the winning submission to encourage them to join more of your contests. You can even ask your followers to vote for the winning submissions and pick which one is the best.


Encourage Your Followers To Share

Simply asking your followers to engage with you often works. Explain to your followers why they should share your content, and give them a good reason for doing it. Pieces of valuable information and updated infographics can give you an edge. Remember to only focus on a single Call-To-Action so your followers don’t get confused. Also give credit to those who shared and commented on your posts. People love to receive recognition, and followers are often more inclined to post more ideas, shares,  and comments if you gave them credit for doing so.


Engage With Whats Happening Around The World

69% share information because they want to feel more involved with what’s happening to the world.  84% even share because they want others to know they support a certain cause or a certain topic. Followers can easily relate with whats trending around social media and whats happening in the world. It helps strengthen your reputation, and can gain instant engagement from supporters who may also support the same cause. Talk about how these kinds of social issues will affect the way you live and simply do business.



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