5 LinkedIn SEO Tips to Boost Your Profile Views

With LinkedIn having roughly 340 million registered users, it is now becoming the premier social media platform for businesses and professionals.  With that in mind, it helps to develop a SEO boosting strategy to increase profile views.

What makes it critical to have a profile that’s easily found is that more than half of B2B companies are now finding customers through LinkedIn. Got a small business and want to include LinkedIn in your social media platforms? Here’s five quick tips to boost your profile:


Complete Your Profile

Most LinkedIn profiles haven’t taken the time to complete their profiles, They should make sure that they’re able to complete their profile in the process. Include a professional looking profile picture and don’t forget to ask for recommendations. LinkedIn’s help guide should be able to help you out completing your profile.


Keyword Optimise Your Job Titles

The last thing that you want to put as your job title as “Manager” or “Supervisor” in your profile. It’s too general and people would more likely want to see specifics that tell your actual role. Don’t forget to use optimisation to include a few keywords. A good example would be using “Inbound Marketing Strategy Content Writer” instead of “Blog Writer”.


Aggressive Expansion Of Your Network

You need to be connected with as many people as possible. Maximise by using your email contacts. You can also expand your network by joining and participating in relevant groups as it improves your profile SEO. If your expertise is in the field of real estate or B2B marketing, then its best to join the ranks of influencers in that area.



Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Elsewhere.

Now you go to cross-platform promotion of your LinkedIn profile. Best way to do this is to place a link to your LinkedIn profile on your email signature. Then you can include this on your Facebook, Twitter Google+ accounts, and other websites you maintain to create inbound links.


Keep Collecting Those Endorsements

Endorsements from peers and influencers will not only gain you expansion but also describe your integrity within your community. It recognizes your skills and key strengths as it increases visibility on your profile as you connect to other networks of related business. Make sure to return the favor by also recommending your LinkedIn contacts to open up more networks of expansion.


Anything else we missed? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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