Quest Financial / Unlock Your Mortgage / Knowledgebank IQ

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What was created:

  • Brand and Style Guide
  • Ebook Strategy Guide Written, Designed and created
  • High converting double opt in Landing Page strategy
  • Webinar Presentation Creation
  • Facebook Strategy

The Brief

The Unlock Your Mortgage brand was born out of an idea stemming from an innovative new financial product called: ‘Debt Recycling’ that was being offered by a financial brokerage known as Quest Financial – Powered by the national company Knowledge bank IQ. The challenge was to make Debt Recycling an attractive social brand that built a community and captured leads by downloading a strategy guide (Ebook) and then automatically offering a complimentary a seminar ticket / phone consultation for the client to close more qualified leads.

The Evolve Strategy:

Our team quickly realized that Debt Recycling was not a sexy social brand and that it’s complexity needed to be translated into a visual representation of the strategy to capture more attention and garner interest quickly and easily – without the use of detailed mathematics and formulas. We then created an easy to understand eBook with visual graphs and emotive images that had a clear call to action. This was backed up by an automated 2 step opt in process that enabled interested leads to register their phone number to be followed up for a strategy consultation. Otherwise we used Webinars to engage and educate the social audience whilst creating further digital assets by recording the session.

The Evolve Outcome:

The campaign delivered a steady stream of 40 – 50 leads per month, 30% of which converted into highly qualified leads interested in becoming clients resulting in over $15,000 in potential monthly commissions.