ICON: A Revolutionary Social CRM

An Exclusive Look

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Queensland, Australia. Bigger things are definitely coming next year. Not to be outdone and being a leader in the lead generation industry that we are, The Influencer Project will soon be unveiling a first of its kind mobile app for managing leads. Exponential business growth right at your fingertips! Here are exclusive snapshots and details about this revolutionary mobile application for business owners.

What is CRM?

For those of you who don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a system of strategies and technologies used to “organise, automate, and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.” Oftentimes a software to manage and analyse customer interaction from its initial marketing contact with the brand to its sales conversion and relationship building.

Why is this different?

Most CRMs have complex features and require too much hardware resources that it used to be only designed for desktop computers. But with the recent advancement of mobile technology, we’ve made it possible to run on mobile phones. However, with ICON, we have made things simple yet functional. This works hand-in-hand with The Influencer Project’s Icon System of lead generation. The system updates your lead opportunities in real time with key data insights to help manage both your marketing efforts and sales cycles.


Exclusive Availability

The Beta version will soon be released 1st quarter of 2017 to clients of the The Influencer Project exclusively. You have to be a member of this elite group of business owners to use this game changing app. It’s a circle of Influencers who are dedicated to exponential growth using a system of leverage. To know more: visit http://theinfluencerproject.com/


Our developers have made everything there is possible to make this app convenient for users. From installation, to updates to the whole user experience. Instantly get in touch with leads that are uploaded to your app, book meetings with your prospects and track which ones are hot opportunities. All these and more in the convenience of your mobile phone. It’s just like Facebook, but for $$$ in opportunities.


Stay Tuned

These are the only information and images we’re releasing so far. We don’t want to give out all the juicy bits yet. But we assure you, this is going to be one killer app. More details coming your way!