Improve Your Google+ Engagement In 5 Easy Steps

Engagement with Google+ is a good indication that someone has paid attention over your content and profile. If you are a local business, you wouldn’t want to miss being a part of this growing social network.


Google+ has 300 million active users in stream. More studies show that Google+ is steadily gaining numbers, growing strong and quickly becoming the second largest social network even with its late start at 2011. Let’s get started on how we can take advantage of this and improve our Google+ engagement:


Create That Perfect Profile

This is the first impression and the entry point for your audience. You need to make sure that every element reflects your brand and the personality of your business. Use a close up photo of your face, or your business logo. Don’t forget to add a cover photo to showcase your personality and brand.

Google+ PP


Optimize Your Network With Circles

Find and add the people who share the same interest as yours. Look to create circles of people who are engaging with you regularly. From there you can build relationships, imagine these people advocating your brand as you nourish them. Also don’t forget to select “public” option to maximize your post engagement across the site.

Google+ PP circles


Be Active By Getting Involved

The “Explore” tab works wonders here. See what others are sharing today and engage in a conversation. Use Hangouts to reach out and engage your potential market. Your comments should show people you understand their ideas. Comments and these kinds of discussions help you build relationships as you continue to expand your circle.



Engage In A Community

Find your market niche’s community. Immerse yourself to get new insights from new friends inside your circle. Engaging in the business related conversations is a great way to meet new people, learning from them, and expanding your brand’s reach. Be sure to proactively ask and answer questions. Share valuable content by posting links and pictures and describe why you are sharing them.

Google+ communitoes


Share It!

Take a few sentences to explain what you are sharing. Explain what its all about and include why you are sharing it. The more interesting and entertaining the content, the more likely your audience will get involved. Simpler, and shorter post messages also tend to get reach in terms of +1 and shares. Longer posts get more activity in the comments section. Best part is you can include GIFs posts where Facebook at the moment can’t seem to include in their formats.




Anything else we missed? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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