Improving Content Creation By Using Google Trends

Google has cemented its lead in the search engine race. Adding Google Trends to your tools for improving your content creation will definitely be an advantage. To better understand your follower’s needs and interests, you’ll need to be fully equipped with all the basics of this great tool.



Google Trends Helps You Find Content Ideas

You’re staring at your monitor and you don’t know how to start your blog/article post. What you’ll need to do is check whats trending around your target area. From here you can try to find what’s trending related to your business. Brainstorming with numbers right in front of you will not only help build your case, but will give credibility to your post. Check out spikes from the keywords you queried and see what the figures tell you and the timeframe you had it set.


google trends


See Whats Trending in Your Area

You can view the most trending stories in your area and incorporate your business to your post. See what insights these stories can provide and lessons your business can learn from it. Check out the screengrab below and see that we can actually change the category to business and choice of country. From here you will see the business news that are currently getting lots of attention online.

google trends2


Monitor Those Keywords

Monitoring the keywords associated to your brand is the most important aspect of Google Trends. Look for familiar words and key phrases relevant to your business. Compare these terms with other keywords related to your business and see how the interest has peaked or moved. From here, you will know which keywords to use in your content that will attract more traffic.You can also compare your keywords with the competition’s keywords to ensure you’re getting better results.

google trends3


Decide For Brand Messaging

Now that you’ve monitored and evaluated your key words/phrases you should be set to creating a strong content. One that doesn’t get blanketed by other postings because of its relevance. When deciding which direction to go with your post, Google Trends can lead you to the right projection. For example: if you are into the business of Real Estate, you can input related terms like “Easy Mortgage Arrangements” and set aside terms like “FSBO”. This means a better, targeted content that will prove to be effective to drive traffic once its shared over to your followers.



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