The One Strategy To Writing Content That Sells

Everyone wants to know the best strategy to writing content that sells. From diving into research, to creative repurposing and applied analytics, it all seems to pile up.

Most businesses claim to be on top of their game. While this isn’t bad, you may forget what you’re writing for in the first place.


If you want to have a successful business online by having a good website, you need to have serious thoughts about your content. Most businesses have done everything yet they seem to have forgotten the most important strategy to writing a great piece of content.


All The King’s Horses, All The King’s Men

Most businesses fail to see how they’ve been presenting themselves online. It’s great to talk about business, and all the awesome things that you offer. But is this an effective approach?

Nope. And it happens to most businesses.

When people visit your website, they don’t care about you and your business. What they care about is how you can help them. Unfortunately, some businesses talk themselves up because they think it will come as benefit to their potential customer. Picture a webpage saying “We are the highest rated financial consultant in Sydney. Sign up on our newsletter and see how far you can go.”

While most businesses think this is an awesome pitch, there is a disconnect that’s happening from the potential customer. It’s missing an important part. How does it solve the customer’s problem? How will it solve their problems?


The One Strategy For Writing Content

It really boils down to one thing.

Its making sure you tell exactly what your potential customer will benefit from what you offer.

Sounds easy, right? But when you want to make your point persuasive enough for the readers to get through you, this is what you need to do. By using benefits instead of bragging, you can effectively communicate your message and convince your followers into taking action. No fancy words, no exaggerated claims, just everything for the potential customer.

A good example is keeping your content informative. Most of the articles we see online already are. So it also has to motivate and inspire your reader. Once you get this kind of connection, this will compel them to share it to their peers and eventually will get the attention it deserves.




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