Outsmarting Your Competition With Content Marketing

Everyone might think that simply being good is not enough to win in business. And this is true for the most part because competition has evolved in so many ways. You’ve got to have more than a good product or service to succeed in today’s business landscape.

You need to know what the competition is doing. There’s a lot happening out there that you may not be aware about. By knowing what the competition is doing, you can easily beat them in their own game.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. ― Sun Tzu, The Art of WarClick To Tweet

This goes the same with Content Marketing. What’s effective or otherwise is all too visible online. Because of this, it’s fairly easy to leverage the competitor’s failures and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Here’s how you can do it:


Find Out What They’re Publishing

Sign up for their newsletter. Or you can subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed. From there you can track each of your competitor and see the types of content that are getting traffic. Set-up listening stations like SocialMention.com to ensure you have alerts ready whenever anything new has happened.


See How Well Their Content Does On Social Media

And check to see who are sharing it. Go to BuzzSumo and paste your competitor’s URL. You should be able to see the top articles, videos, infographics and every other content they’ve published on the site. From there you will see how many shares each published content get. You can also see the people sharing the content. These are influencers who you might want to follow and who may subsequently follow you as well.

Competition in business


Are They Engaged On Their Social Media Following?

How engaged are they on their followers? Is it growing or shrinking? There’s this tool called Fanpage Karma that shows how Facebook pages perform. This includes the most popular posts and the least popular ones. It also includes what kind of posts they’re publishing and how well they do. Get the math in and gather these important data to compare with yours.

Find Out How Well Their Site Performs

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to gauge the site’s speed, site structure and unique meta tags. Compare where you rank in and see where your competition is placed at. As long as your site performs better, you should be all set. Otherwise, now’s the time to make necessary tweaks in your site.


Do A Thorough SEO Audit On Their Site

Use an SEO tool like Kapost’s Content Auditor to dig deeper into the the competitor’s site. Check out the infrastructure and the content they’re managing. It takes getting used to in navigating this type of recon but this is how you get good recon done.



Gather All Data and Analyse

After drawing all information from the competition, lay them out into a spreadsheet, Look for outliers and the strengths that you can apply to your content marketing. You should be looking at their influencers, their network, and how they attract their audience. Look for those quality links and who gave them these information. Gather all data and from there you should be able to create something better.




Anything else we missed? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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